Collaboration that fosters creativity

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I'm Ash Blankenship. I've been making things for the www since 1999. It was the year The Matrix was released and Y2K was a concern. Now, some 20-plus years later, making things for the web is still my passion.

I collaborate with select clients to help grow their online presence, strengthen their brand, and build value for their business.

I begin each project by listening and gaining an understanding of clients’ needs. This method creates a system that influences effective design and fosters creativity.

Projects are invoiced at a competitive hourly rate, with a small deposit. I work with clients through years-long relationships to manage and maintain the projects. You'll get no hand-off and 'good luck' from me. I've even been working with some clients for nearly a decade.

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Services I offer

Website Design. I design and build websites that improve your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization. I offer SEO as part of every website design project.

Branding Styles. The colors, typography, styles, and more, to complete your brand.

Website Copy. I work with clients to write copy that matches their company's style and brand.

MailChimp Email Campaigns. Outreach to your followers and grow your business with email campaigns.

Collaboration. I work with teams of all sizes to foster website collaboration and improve workflow.

Integrations. Make your website work for your business with numerous integration options.

Post-Launch Edits. Keeping your site up to date with edits.